Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russia) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russia) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015: Semi-Final 1

Participation in the Eurovision is an offer no one can reject. It is to represent the country in the international arena, this is our Olympics in show business, I wanted this for a long time.

Participation in the Eurovision is an offer no one can reject. It is to represent the country in the international arena, this is our Olympics in show business, I wanted this for a long time. I do not like the word "contest", but to sing on such a beautiful, incredibly popular, entertaining event, in front of whole Europe, and even Australia this year, is just a dream!

Even more - this is anniversary, 60th Eurovision! I am going to do my own thing, I want my performance to be magical and wonderful, and for it we put all our forces with our team. I had time to watch not all yet, but many of the other participants.

I liked both German songs - I know about this story that Andreas, chosen by the voting, has refused to participate. He is a very charismatic guy, with a wonderful musical material. But the song "Black Smoke" of the girl, who participates now Ann Sophie , I also like al lot it is very strong. Slovenia also has a very good song In general, I am not strong in predictions, I often liked the songs, which ended on last places.

Although I still like the song of Loreen, who in fact has won. It is her stage image, she is now known all over the world, she is unique, unusual, and has very good vocals. Her entry "Rise Like A Phoenix" was very memorable not only because she had a beard. Conchita had it all, I noticed her and I liked her". She is the most prepared for this contest. She has the experience, vocal and looks. I am sure that Polina will represent Russia on a good level. Her song is a message of peace. A day before yesterday was shot the music video.

Singer will perform in a romantic way, since her song is sublime, pretentious. She is now very busy with her Russian tour, but we will have to make changes to it, because she needs to protect her voice. But we will try to reduce any inconvenience to our viewers to a minimum.

After that he continued working with groups "Rococo", "We", "Garden of Joy". Since , lived in the US, where he founded the studio "Red Sunset", which existed until In , Gutkin returned to Russia to create a new record label - "Creme Records".

Since , Leonid Gutkin manages Russian and foreign artists, writes and produces, takes part in recordings as a session musician and is touring with various musical projects.

They were all different. That was even before we knew who will represent the country at "Eurovision". One of them was uptempo, fast. The other - on the contrary, even slower than the one selected eventually. Chamber and with a minimum of tools. Then there was a work on Skype and e-mail: She is a native speaker, so that was very helpful to us. We have tried to make the lyrics so that it was the most easily understandable by the audience.

After it we have started working with Polina herself, and she was presented a few songs to choose from. She liked A Million Voices. She felt the song. She has a good personality and stage experience.

And this is important. For example, Dina Garipova, with all her vocal talent, has not enough of stage experience, working with the public, the energy exchange. It is impossible to imitate. Gagarina in this sense has enough of practice" "I think this topic is more relevant than ever right now, in the current political situation. With the amount of negativity, aggression and separation that exist in the world, connecting elements - be it music or other arts - are necessary.

Otherwise, everything cracks at the seams. I do not want to idealize the situation and say that everyone who heard our song, will start hugging and kissing each other - is, in the end, the choice of each of us. It is important that each of us do something in his own "area" for the whole world.

We, composers, can talks to this world through music. What are our chances with the current attitude to Russia? I do not know and do not even want to think about it. These are the moments that do not depend on us at all. We are trying to make a good song, performed by a bright singer.

Of course, the situation is complicated. We still have to go out and fight. This is is our mission" Vladimir Matetskiy is famous Soviet and Russian composer who has worked with many stars of show business, and also composed numerous movie soundtracks.

In the late s Matetsky collaborated with foreign artists, including writing songs for Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop. Permanent member of the jury of different music festivals, including Eurovision national finals and international final.

In many musical projects collaborated with Leonid Gutkin. The technology is simple: And so, step by step, the song gets on to its final shape. The key here is not who specifically wrote what or suggested which idea, but what is the final result. By the way, our team at the request of Yury Aksyuta, director of entertainment programming of "Channel One", has written as many as three different songs, all of which were submitted to him. And we were not the only songwriting team in this "race", so he had plenty to choose from".

And I think it turned out well. Lyricall it brings universal and touching message. She gave us a very good impression, both as a singer and as a person. As for her English, it it better than of many other of performers, as she had for some time lived abroad. But in the process of preparations for the competition, she will certainly be working on pronunciation more closely. All other components - vocal, appearance, stage experience, spirit of fighter - it is there, and the song from our international team, I think, turned out quite well.

So I can only wish a good luck to Polina Gagarina in Vienna! He studied music production — at Kulturama, Stockholm. Thanks to his natural feeling for catchy melodies and hooks, he got signed to Snowflake Music Publishing as awriter immediately after he graduated. He also competed in "Idol" in finishing 7th.

Alares has a wide taste in music, but some of his favourite bands are Nirvana, Oasis, and Radiohead. Katrina is working on a new solo project in Berlin although still collaborates with international songwriting teams from Budde Music and Scandinavian Songs and artists on various projects.

Music video of Polina Gagarina is directed by well known Kazakhstani and Russian producer and director Alexey Golubev. Alexey began his career in city of Almaty, working at Channel 31 and radio. Alexey is the director of the show "Spektakl" of Polina Gagarina. At the time, Alexey has also worked with the music video "Komu? Also in the music video is involved famous cameraman Sergey Dyshuk. As we have reported yesterday, music video for her contest entry is being filmed today.

The entry, as it was the case with Dina Garipova, will be presented in evening Sunday news program "Vremya", on 15 March. The casting was attended by over talented children aged from 4 to 12 years.

School-studio Sound Media Kids expressed immense gratitude to all the children and their parents for taking part in the casting! The day was filled with laughter, delight and joy that children shared with each other and with adults! We believe that tomorrow, on 9 March, will be held shootings of a new music video of the singer, specially for which was conducted casting call at children music studio Sound Media Kids supported by Gagarina for the children aged 4 - Last year, singer usually involved in TV projects of "Channel One Russia" and closely collaborating with composer Konstantin Meladze Eurovision , and recently working on the English language album with Therr Maitz frontman Anton Belyaev, has spoken about possibility of her Eurovision participation last year: Of course, the artist should be very well prepared for this.

We discussed this issue with Konstantin Meladze, the interest is there, but you need a better atmosphere in the world, a great song and readiness.

The main thing is that now I continue to do concerts, I am touring the country and make fans happy daily with my talent. At the moment of publication, it has not yet been confirmed officially, if Greek team is indeed working on a new Eurovision project, or is devoting time in Moscow to other projects. There has been no official information from Channel One Russia, when and where Russian Eurovision representative will be revealed.

The only certain thing is that a performer has been indeed appointed officially during this week. All three of them have simultaneously reported their arrivals posting photos from Moscow in their social networks, as if they were specially teasing Eurovision fan audience. Panayi, who earlier this year was member of the national jury in Cypriot preselection, mentioned: And the travels begin".

Philipp Kirkorov himself has commented arrival of his colleagues saying: It is worth to mention though that Sergey Lazarev has scheduled solo concert on 19 May in St. Petersburg and is scheduled to perform at RU.

Евровидение - Россия - Полина Гагарина. Все. Плейлисты. Полина Гагарина....
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